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Whenever I use the Make2D command with my rhino model, the lines I get are often not connected. This presents problems in Illustrator when I try to live paint things. Is there a way of using Make2D so that this doesn't happen?
Note - My model is very detailed and at a small scale. Should I scale it up before using Make2D?

Increase the tolerance in the Rhino options. The consequence of this is that Make2d will take a lot longer. Scaling the model up might also work to the same effect.

Not sure if this is relevant to your issue, but I notice the issue about not connecting lines occurring when your the surfaces from your camera view are not fully defined. For example, if you try to extract a Make2D of two separate intersecting surfaces, I find that the Make2d is not able to draw the point at which they intersect. If you split the surfaces however so that this line is defined, the command doesn't have any issues.

Make 2D likes clean, simple, defined geometry from a clean camera angle in order for lines to meet up perfectly. I always post-process my linework in rhino or autocad before going anywhere else with it.

define all the intersections manually by using the "Intersection" command (curve > curve from objects > intersection) and select all objects

Ever try the command "silhouettes" ?That should give you the curves of the geometry. Than just project curves onto a planar surface. Theres many ways as described above to achieve similar outcomes in rhino.

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