Opinions for best software programs for architecture jobs


Hello to all members of this forum.
I would like please your opinion about the best-top programs to find a job as an Architect Engineer.
Autocad(2d-3d) is the most wanted and necessary of course but with plus knowledge of other programs its a plus to be hired in a company.
For example what is your opinion about:
-3D Studio Max
Thanks in advance and wish the best to all colleagues from every country.

here in the US, it all depends on the firm you apply to. it sounds like you do not have any experience. have you been to school? it does not matter if you can use a program, if you don't know what to do with it.
in my office, we use REVIT, AutoCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop. Some 3DSMAX.

Just keep it real when it comes to proficiency in programs. In reality most employers could care less how many programs you know as long as you produce high-quality work with what's available. And also keep it real by choosing programs that firms are likely to have in their inventory (i.e. there is a good chance a majority of firms will not readily have Catia, Form-Z, maya, maxwell, or octane in their arsenals). I've found that sketchup, MAX, and Adobe CS are located in most firms.
I didn't know a single production program (not even auto-CAD) before I got my job. I did however know sketchup very well and I knew how to render decently by exporting sketchup models into 3ds MAX and was able to get some very sexy porfolio images out of this skill to "wow" some potential employers.
I eventually learned all the production- related programs including REVIT and became pretty dangerous with it. This is all intuitive in my opinion. I've worked at 4 high-profile firms since 2006 and I've used sketchup in every one of them including my current job. vray for sketchup has become very powerful and and this is mainly what I use to produce quick in-house renderings. This is when i'm not a PA of course! :D

"Autocad(2d-3d) is the most wanted and necessary of course"
Really? Now there is some news I didn't know about....
I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw anyone do a-CAD 3d.....

Thanks all of you for your opinions.
I use Autocad a lot of years and - in my opinion -it's a useful program since I collaborate with that with other architects from other countries.
Of course I agree that it doesn't matter just to use a program-if you are eventually not able to manage it. Of course every country and office use specific programs for their projects.
But in order to apply for a job specific qualifications required and one of them is knowledge of design programs.
My question regards your opinion about the most familiar programs in order to apply for a job.
Thanks a lot.

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