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Just finishing up my new 7'x14' tandem with a 5' V-nose to use as a renovation work trailer.
Just some signage and a few other details to finish up now.
Some highlights are: aluminum wheels, dual 15A circuits, 9 interior plug-ins, 8x4' T5 lighting, full locking metal cabinets, 41" tool chest, insulated, dual roof vents, white FRP interior with box-liner floor, outdoor plugs, through-wall power and air line access, roll-top desk, refrigerator, microwave, Keurig coffee maker, E-track for all equipment tie downs, wall track for heavy duty hooks, security system, 4'x8' sheet storage, 2x?x8' storage, 10' conduit/pipe storage, and likely more to come.

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It's an Overland Hemi edition, 7700 lbs towing capacity, air suspension (self levelling), and 400+ HP. It does a pretty decent job with this trailer and my 23' 6000 lb travel trailer. It will have to do for now...

Ha! give it time, just give it some time.
In all seriousness, I posted here a few years ago, and left due to health issues that resulted in my having to give up my profession as well. But, now I'm back, somewhat, to good, and back to perusing this forum.

Thanks Jeff G, I'm working on those little details but ya, the cabinets are getting some dividers and such.

Dam that's more than my half ton tow capacity!

lmao...I got suckered too...I've got a 16' trailer and thought.... Man I need to rethink my layout.
Nice setup....Nice touch with the microwave,coffee maker,and fridge.. all the creature comforts.

I put this on my trailer and wired into the panel inside the trailer. Allows me to use a regular extension cord, and keeps "peeping eyes" from flipping up the cover and seeing directly into my trailer.

That's the same type mine has.

Sorry about your F1wimpy.

I know right. Crazy that SUV's have more tow capacity!

I'm playing. Fords make great trucks, I just don't like them. I was so very excited to buy the 14 Silverado, that lasted three whole weeks and I'm back in a Crewmax.
OP the trailer set up is nice, I'm standing in the line thinking the table saw was part of the trailer.
Doing straight gutter my 12' tandem works great- fitting in carpentry tools (chop saw, table saw, compressor, ect) forget about it. The brake under the gutter machine takes up 1/3 by itself!

What was wrong with the Silverado

I looked those but didn't want to give anyone the chance to unplug the trailer. It gets awful cold here in the winter and it could ruin a lot of things. With the hole only I can put a tie wrap around the cords and make sure it can't happen. They have a few different RV power inlets that would have looked better but...

In use cover that gets locked?

Maybe? But I didn't find one that was at all flush mounted. These are flush and aluminium. I just stick regular cords inside and plug them in to pigtails. I plug the other ends inside the customer's garage or mine. Same with the air lines.


I have a pool in mine!

Odd vibration 55-35 just decelerating. Four trip to the dealership with no real explanation and 6 lost days of 26.
No AC ports to the back seat- my daughter (2-3/4) just sat and cried.
Mileage 20+ unloaded- dragging the trailer 65 8-9MPG.

That's weird, I love my 11 Silverado, it averages about 12 mpg. Mostly city and always has a trailer on it.

My trailer is a 6x12 tandem, loaded with gutter machine and ladders, tools, ect I'm guessing 6000 pounds. I've spent the last 350,000 driving Tundra's so...

Couldn't resist the lure of a diesel so I ended up with a Ram 2500 Laramie CTD. Lovin' it so far!


You got snow already?

We've had snow since late October, that's normal for around here. And it will be here till mid May!

The front of that trailer looks super low. Don't hit a speed bump.

Madmack you need a air suspension on the back of the truck to jack the trailer and it will be more stable to drive as well. I just did mine in Calgary and its way way better. Go to they have 2 locations. Got mine for 620$ installed.

amazing setup Madmak.
I have just bought a used Well trailer in town and i need to do a setup. I need to redo the floor and the wall. I want to insulate it as well. How have you done yours ? It get so cold here...
Where did you get those exterior boxes for the air hose and electrical, i need those ?
and 8x4' T5 lighting ?
What is your walls and ceiling made of btw it look really neat ? Fantastic
Perfect setup man im so jealous. Id use your help and knowledge anytime

Nice setup. I knew when viewing the first pics a heavier truck would not be far behind. What do you figure it weighs?

After looking at this trailer, which I also thought the saw was inside, I will never show mine on here.
It is amazing what you did with just two more feet. With mine, I would just have two more feet to throw crap on the floor. We spent 20 minutes looking for the bolt cutters this morning. They were the only thing in the right place, which is why we couldn't find them.

You make me sick! Damn fine trailer though, nice job putting it together. Mine was never that nice to begin with but still much cleaner and organized than most. But after 5yrs here in the salt belt the body is starting to rot, ceiling has sprung a leak, brakes need replacing, both fenders have gotten smashed backing into things at night, dents in the doors from the wind trying to remove them from the hinges. Still cannot imagine working without it. My next one will be the same size but heavier built, i am overweight all the time. My plan is to buy a bucket truck this winter, this should help me lighten the load in the trailer.

That pic was the first time hooked up to the trailer and I've adjusted the 10" drop hitch up a notch. The trailer does ride low likely because of the torsion axles, no issues though. I am looking at airbags and slightly bigger tires which will change heights again.
The RAM pulls it like a dream! Soooo worth the upgrade and I'm happy with the diesel decision. The Rambox option and tonneau is also proving very useful.
I love working out of that trailer, so easy to find things and everything is always with me. The trailer is likely 5000+ lbs but I haven't weighed it, really should do that.
The walls are FRP panels, floor is box liner, ceiling is just painted OSB. Walls and ceiling are insulated with 1" foam and I run a 1500W heater in there full time. Tools and supplies are always above freezing. All the supplies are from HD, Lowes, Princess Auto, etc here in Calgary. The power and air inlets are just black outlet covers without outlets behind them. The T5s are from HD, and wired through standard PVC. Husky cabinets from HD were cheap and light, the tool chest I had.
I would be happy to show anyone if they wanted to get some ideas, just PM me. Any subs that work with me at times sure appreciate the availability of a hot lunch, coffee, and cold water!

Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead, but I have a question for Madmak (or anybody else, really). I just picked up my 14' v-nose yesterday and want to start getting it setup in a similar fashion this weekend.
I'm wondering how those upper cabinets are hung securely. Are there wood studs in the walls of these trailers that you mounted them to?
By the way, this single thread basically changed my mind from upgrading to a much larger van over to going with a truck/trailer instead. I must have this setup, and now!

I worked out of a van for many yrs with my previous employer and it killed my knees. He now runs box trucks so no more crawling but now he has a climb instead. Personally i love the trailer. It can be a challenge sometimes with traffic and backing down tight twisty driveways but once on site you walk in with a small step and back out with no issues.If you have the ramp even better but watch the rain/snow for the slip-n-slide feature. I have the barn doors which i like but the wind plays hell with them.

I solved that by putting slide latches at the top and bottom of the non-dominate door. That way the only door that's loose is the one I have in my hands.

any chance you could swing through some scales and report back on the weight? I'm curious how much extra in weight all the goodies added.
great job on the setup-the desk is a nice touch!

That is a gorgeous set up! I would not want to work in it and dirty it up.
I also wonder what the weight is. Are those 3500lb axles?

Great looking trailer. Add me to the long list of, "How the he!! did he get a table saw in their?"
Great choice on the Cummins. That will eventually be my set up. If you're pulling anything regularly, diesel is the way to go.

My trailer is framed with 1" square metal tubing. Attached 1/2 plywood to it, and attached shelves with self tapping screws. Don't know if that's the way a carpenter would do it, but it works for me.

That's kinda how I did mine. But I self tapped 2x4s horizontally and hung my shelves and cabinets to them

Looks sweet...
Roll top desk, over the top...
You always pull that with that SUV?

Yes I do, it's a 5.7L Hemi in that Jeep, lots of power. It also has the full towing package with air suspension and tow mode.
Thanks Griz!

I'll send you my trailer next to spruce up. The first pic when I glanced at it quickly, I was like WTF. he's go a table saw in the trailer?!

That is pretty sweet. Lets see what you've got in those cabinets. You've definitely spent a pretty penny on that rig but I like it.

It wasn't too bad $ wise really. Good deal on the trailer through a friend/dealer (already outfitted with walls, floor, and wheels for a local Harley show), cabinets were on sale at HD (went with metal for weight savings), had the tool chest already, wiring, lights, and conduit were a couple hundred, etc, etc.
I guess it does add up but it meant I could migrate all my small tools from my shop to the trailer. Definitely took a few hours to put it all together, and time is money...

That trailer looks nicer than my shop, roomier too! I'd want to spend more time in the trailer than on the job! If it was a few feet longer you could add a small living quarters and never have to leave a job to sleep!

You got the set up, now get those tools a little worn will ya!

Roll top desk.....nice touch!

I had to do something in wood! I couldn't take all that metal being a woodworker. It isn't anything special but was destined for the dump so now it has another use for a while. Practical too as it can roll down and hide/hold all my crap when I'm moving.

"Yea I was concerned about weight savings so I threw in this big ass oak desk." haha

Looks good man.

The fridge and coffee maker really make a difference. I have those in mine too.
I want to downsize my trailer to a 8.5x14 V-nose. I like the Jeep too.

There's a lot of weight in there with all that lumber. Are you planning on carrying that all the time?
Trailer looks nice.
Just out of curiosity, why the electrical cords running through the holes into the trailer?
One thing you may also want to consider is an area for a workbench. You've got things pretty tight in there & sometimes it's nice to be able to work on something inside the trailer (when raining, snowing, etc.).

Damn, I feel like an idiot.
I was looking at the pics for a few minutes before I realized that saw wasn't in the trailer, and was in a garage.

Me too!

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