help with a new laptop???


Ok, here is the story, my fiancé is in her 1st year of grad school at Kent State, and she is needing a new laptop. As a gift, I would like to get her one for christmas. She has an Imac also, so I would like to stick with Apple. Now Ive heard people complaining about the new retina display and graphics cards in the new Macbooks. (mainly gamers) Will the newer macbooks work well with rendering the 3d models, etc that she will be creating? I know for sure she uses autocad and revit a lot but i think she uses rhino also...Sorry guys thats not much to go by, but I was a photo major... Any help would be appreciated. Thank You

The new retina displays have very high resolution. What they do to avoid having the text and icons look tiny is render the desktop very big and then scale it down to standard sizes.
When doing graphically intense tasks (like games, or displaying complex models) they have to populate many more pixels than standard screens, which effectively means they have to do more work. A 1080p screen is 1080*920 = 993600 pixels. The new retina displays are 2560x1440 = 3686400 pixels, almost 4x as many.

If she's primarily using AutoCAD, Revit, and Rhino, save your money and buy a PC laptop. It will run those apps better at half or less the cost. You can get a pretty powerful i5 or even i7 15" for $600-$700.

yeah... if you're running revit though, make sure it's got at least 8gbs of ram.
i'm running 24gb on my desktop.
and it cost 800 bucks.
macs and laptops can smd.

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