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I thought someone posted a link to a CAD program that was an AutoCAD alternative, not Autodesk, but worked with AutoCAD commands. Could someone point me to that link? Or am I just making all this up out of my head?

i think i spelled it right

google progeCAD Smart!

you might want to search some of Antisthenes posts in the software forum...i remember he posted a number of different options in the last 6 months or so. i cannot remember any of the names off-hand...



the many intellicads : ZWCad, bricscad, progecad, etc

Right on. Thanks for everyone's help.
Any input on complete open-source/freeware?

Where is the 100 dollar CAD program? I would love a free or at least an affordable software package. I don't want to use pirated stuff but at the prices full programs are going for it's hard not to.

Archimedes Project - The Open CAD
there is a 50$ version of Intellicad out there

thanks Antisthenes!!!!

i like it but as you see 2 or 3 things before it becomes productive in the real world

I have been using ARCHICAD for about 4 years now. It's by far is the best program for BIM I've used - it is far superior to AutoCAD in my opinion and you can export/import autocad drawings.
Just my 2 cents!

but it's not a fair alternative to AutoCAD dallasarchitect, it's the comparison between apples and tomatoes. One is BIM the other is CAD... and a specific kind of CAD at that.

I disagree architechnophilia - AutoCad does all of the 2D as well as the 3D.
You should at least check it out.
I don't own stock in the company by the way, it just has really worked well for me. :)

Archicad in 2-d excels.

if you happen to be in the nyc area.... i just got an email earlier that the center for architecture is hosting an archicad training program:
ArchiCAD is a complete and flexible design solution in the BIM category which gives users the ability to create great architecture and increase productivity. These courses will introduce new and experienced users to ArchiCAD 12; this current release incorporates upgrades that are focused on speed, design and documentation. The series is offered either 12-2 or 3-5 pm Mon. 6/15, Wed. 6/17, and Fri. 6/19; it includes 3 levels of course work, described below.
Members may take each class as a stand-alone or as part of a series; non-members may join and take all three classes as a series.
Space is limited apply early: Click here to register or use the following URL:
Session Details:
ArchiCAD 101-Become familiar with the underlying benefits of ArchiCAD 12 through detailed initial training. We will explore the interface of ArchiCAD, the toolbox, command lines, file library, in-depth discussion of menus, variety of ways to get your answers, the difference between Modeling and Building, file sharing and other topics as relevant to the level of the attendees.
ArchiCAD 102-A continuation of ArchiCAD 101 as to the benefits of ArchiCAD 12. We will explore the advantages of ArchiCAD 12 through a quick review of Modeling vs. Building showing detailed BIM Modeling, use of significant tools (e.g. wall, slab, beams, objects, fenestration, etc.) hands on use of 3D metrics and maneuvering using shortcuts. We will learn about layering and dealing with elevations as well as other topics relevant to the level of the attendees.
ArchiCAD 103-A continuation of ArchiCAD 102 leading to the unlimited use of ArchiCAD 12. A quick review of elevation tools, working with colors, introducing trace references, annotation, labels and Hotspots. Flexibility of ArchiCAD 12 from an international perspective using Metric vs. Imperial measurements. Stair tools and profile tools will be taught along with curtain wall tools and project maps. We will close with issues of importing and exporting and project schedules as well as other topics relevant to the level of the attendees.
SSmithConsulting will be providing the training on ArchiCAD 12 (BIM) by Graphisoft
Registration Fees:
Member Full Series: $125
Join and Full Series (for RA): $350
Join and attend Full Series (for Associate/Intern): $200
Member Single Session: $50

Anyone have input/thoughts/praise/scorn for TurboCAD? Or ViaCAD? I saw these at my local Fry's for $39.99. Love the price but don't want to waste money on something that's not going to be worth a flip. My project type scopes range between residential to commercial, some church and municipal work.

We are looking at ZWCAD - $500 per seat

all the intellicads are great alternatives
but i choose Rhinoceros v5 beta ;)

there is one for 50$ a seat, that i saw at one time

now that rhinoceros 5.0 is out :)

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