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Does anyone work in a firm in Chicago (preferably downtown, but the 'burbs are do-able) where you use either Revit or ArchiCAD? Know somebody who does? We are getting ready to make a switch (I brought this up before) but my principal would like to talk to a couple of firms on how they like their software of choice, how standards were developed and new people are trained.
While right now ArchiCAD has a small inside track as we are a Mac office and I've used it before, I am not against Revit in any way. I just want the best software for our office.
You can respond here or via my email. Any and all help is appreciated.

Hmm, just saw this. I know that Pappageorge / Haymes uses Macs and ArchiCad--you should give them a call; they're a reasonably-sized firm and could probably do a good review for you.
ArchiCad is fantastic. As I've mentioned elsewhere, ArchiOffice looks to be a great program too--haven't had the occasion to do more than tool with it, though.

Som, Gensler and HOK are one of the many firms using Revit. It's best to talk to a small, medium and large size firm to get a complete scope.
is a HOK Revit blog that can be usefull.

my firm is using revit for most of our projects.. its been good for construction documents.. not the best from rendering.. WELL not alone.. you can pull off some nice stuff with the assistance of some 3rd party software

In the 4 years I have worked with ArchiCAD / Plotmaker, It has cost our firm hundreds of thousands of Dollars of blown fees and Lost Opportunity. It sucks and should not be used for large scale Construction Documents - period.
It's like putting all of your eggs in one basket - and dropping it....then doing it again after buying more eggs....and repeating the process.

What on earth were you doing with archiCAD? I haven't used Revit extensively but it seemed far less intuative and is basically still playing catch-up.
The point no matter what platform you use is that if you don't use it properly an maintain a little discipline along the way you're bound to end up in trouble.

Im no fan of archicad either. I used ADT and have 2x played with Revit. I like Revit's interface personally even though I have know idea what im doing. Yes archicad is more intuitive but thats good for the first few weeks you use it. Revit is just more powerful. But I still dont like how either bim program handles simple things like panning - were your screen is always regenerating.

I love how my office owns Revit lic and still hasnt bothered to use it. Its like maybe next week every week.

Ive worked in ADT extensively (pre Revit but similar build) now I work at an office which uses ArchiCAD 10.
The renderings are really nice esp. with built in Lightworks engine.. Im getting used to never having to draw an xline or else because Archicad is very intuative and so far I can see it having far greater reach than maybe even Revit... the problem with Autodesk software is that it tends to be convoluted and disorganized - you cant know or figure out problems with the software quick enough and find the hidden commands and options.., granted its gotten better but for all its capabilities, 99% of people will never even utilize its efficiency because its simply and unnecessary overload. I worked on Autodesk software for 6 years and Im happily making the change..
As for firms...
Eastlake Studio in Chicago, is a MAC based office, they may be of help to you, and the principals are very friendly and helpful people.

I have used both Archicad and Revit, I used to train architecture firms when they switch from Autocad to Archicad on how to use the Archicad. I think the Archicad has more features than Revit because they started working with 3D Technology since the 80's, and I prefer using Archicad more than using Revit, I feel its easier. Even if Civil or Mechanical Engineers are using Revit and the Architects are using Archicad it is so easy to transfer each other in the latest versions.
If you need any more details about differences between both of them my E-mail is: [email protected] and I am in Chicago Area.

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