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I've decided to say **** it and get a damn job where I can just show up and work. Tired of dealing with employees, insurance companies, other people making a liar out of me, being stabbed in the back, working for my guys, being responsible for their **** ups,etc, etc, etc.
I have a few commitments to take care of first, but I feel some relief already.

Boy, ain't that the truth!

I realize it's not for everyone, however, i am not "unable" just tired of it.
I have another buisness, that while it doesn't make me as much, I can get by with it if I have too. I have been in the roofing buisness for 2 years on my own as a sub,and it's been 1 thing after another for the past few months. I had to let someone else jump on a gravy roof for me today because I canned my crew Friday.
We'll see if I still feel the same next week. Probably will.

Do you know how to build decks?
steve scholl

Why, yes I do.

Wow. Only as a sub?
Wait until you have to do MORE than just SHOW UP. Pay your employees by the square. Production will increase. If quality decreases, fire them.
I have thought about this a lot in the past two years but boy, it was cold and snowy today and I was glad my truck has a nice heater and that I got to spend time with my daughter.

How far is Wayne from Grand Rapids?

I forgot to add, all while making money

You gotta do what you gotta do man. I'd say go for the repairs gig while you do your other business. If that doesn't work out, go get yourself a job. Either way, if you're not happy, time to change things up until you are. Best of luck to you.

Good luck

Sorry to hear it. Good luck , man

If you don't like actually going to work in the morning, it's probably time for a change.
The headaches are everywhere though, regardless.
Ever work for a micro-manager? I did. For a VERY short time.

Sometimes it takes the bad days to realize the good ones.
Before you throw in the towel think back when you decide to go into business for yourself and why. You my inspire yourself to stick with it and build of your lessons you learned.
To be a better company we all strive to be day in day out.

I vote for the downsize option. Be your own boss (clients notwithstanding) and just bring the best you've got to your own job on your own. It is a pretty nice way to work. Been the lead, been the boss, been the GC, being very happy to have only me to account for and am no worse off for the new way of doing business. Just a thought .

I also have to vote for the downsizing option. Less headaches the less people you have to manage. Also, a lot of people see that the money that they make doesn't change much even though they have a smaller company. I just couldn't give up the time freedom that comes with being my own boss.

i'm in metro detroit
steve scholl

I agree with the others on here to try downsizing first. You will have less headaches that way and when things turn around in a couple years you will still be in the game.

I posted a thread a while back about the possibility of going to work for my primary contractor next spring.
I told him this morning I was tired of running a buisness and no longer found it worth it in the end as of late and that I have every intention of finishing my commitments first.
Well, long story short, he said give him a few days, that he really wants to keep me around and will put together a job offer for me.

Why not just fix the problem? Owning a business can be fun. Its supposed to be fun.

Are you hittin' the sauce already this morning, Mike?
Fun?! Are you nucking futs?

you forgot smelly

Once every few months my boss looses it, says he is going to close shop & go to work for the town or something. He will spend the whole day yelling at us & telling everyone they need to find another job. The next day he will realize that he could NEVER work for anyone else as it is always his way or the highway & he does not take orders well @ all. After running the business for 35+ years is defines "unemployable"

Some people are just not cut out for it. Good luck with the new grind. We all think about it from time to time, but for most of us here, we could not function as a regular employee.

Nuthin to be ashamed of, I did it years ago and never regretted it.

I have work so long for myself not sure if I could even work for anyone
It is not for everyone ,but for me would not have it anyway else.

Well the good part is that there is a demand for guys that can do what we do and don't want to do their own thing.

Go get yourself a job as a Superintendent for a large GC. Then you can have the worst of both worlds!

Hope you find a decent employer. I think we've all thought about it when we're going through a hard time.
I'm pretty much unemployable. Too old, too fussy, too cranky, and I forget things easily.

I don't know if it's gonna stick or not, all I really know is I need a serious break, I'm gonna do something I'll regret if I don't take it, like break someones face next time they take 45 minutes to lay 2 bundles, then say they thought things were going pretty well.

Another option is to downsize. You and one man. That's pretty easy to control.

I have thought of switching to repars only.

Just curious, how long were you in business? Sorry it didn't work for you, but as Warren stated, owning a business isn't for everyone.

For your boss to be that miserable must be a living hell.

I would rather cut off my extremities with a rusty spoon than work for anyone ever again.

ditto on the "un-employable" remarks and ditto on the downsize option as well.
particularly in roofing, if you are, physically able, presentable, are able to meet with people personally and personably and have good diagnostic skills you can earn an excellent living with a 2 man operation.
If you have the ability to solve problems- people WILL find YOU.
6:15 this morning I have an email from a guy in Toronto( I am in Ohio) with a roof problem he wants solved-- he was referred to me buy someone else and as far as I know I don't know either of them- but they found me, LOL
Best wishes,

I feel your pains and worries. Finding people that want to do a decent job, and act responsibly is surprisingly difficult. Getting paid in a timely manner is getting more difficult as well. The ever constant battle of mounting paper work is difficult. But, nobody said it was going to be easy.
Don't quit, unless this feeling lasts for another nine months. I think running a business, with employees is quite an honorable thing. You are providing employment for others, you are contributing to the economy, and although many may not appreciate it, we small time operators are todays unsung heroes...Or village idiots.

That's ridiculously funny and poetic in the same time!

Why not do something else that's seasonal like plow during the winter? It's slow for roofing during the winter and you could be a one man show.
Hey, I just saw your location..... your in town here. Dude where are you going to find a job, male nurse?

I've been there . . . done that . . . have numerous t-shirts . . .
Started as an equipment operator plowing in '78, survived the infamous Blizzard, purchased the plowing business in '90. That business, established in '64, had a solid, loyal customer base.
Pulled a builder license spring '91 . . . ramped up with crew, wc ins, liability ins, and overhead and moved the roofing to a full time seasonal operation.
Dumped the plowing business in '04. I thought our residential roofing and the snowplowing business dovetailed nicely . . until I figured out that focus was needed on one or the other. I don't miss the third shift plowing schedule and sleepless nights checking for predicted snow. I do miss the cash flow of prepaid seasonal snowplowing accounts in the snow months, but really enjoy pushing the roofing into December and starting again in mid March. It was breezy and a little cold today, but sun was out and no snow.
Repairs have been a HUGE part of us remaining afloat financially the past couple of years. I think this year will prove to be our best since about 2001 or so. We quoted work at the "right price", made good margins and good production and worked just about every day. Have jobs booked into next spring, and that hasn't been the case for the past few years.
Our crew today is my oldest son (a fourth generation roofer) and myself. My dad always told me the most efficient we would ever be is the owner and one employee. We pick up college help in the summer . . . train them well, pay them well, treat them well and they usually hang around two or three seasons. We are careful to pull them in for help only when needed.
If being a small business owner was easy, everyone would be doing it. And residential roofing adds several orders of difficulty to the basics of business. If you are not passionate about this industry, it may be time to pack it in.
Just my .002

Well, I started a job today. Best damn day of work I've had in quite some time. Just showed up at 10, jumped on putting on some underlayments, tore off about a square, finished prepping, went to lunch, came back and just shingled.
It was so nice that my phone wasn't ringing all day with who, what, when, where, why, and how. I just got to do my thing and so far they are quite pleased. I happen to know one of the guys so that's always a plus, well, maybe not always. Anyway, if today is the average day, then I'm a pretty happy camper.

right on man, glad the grass is greener for ya.

SOme of you guys just need to learn how to relax a little bit.
I am never under the gun to get something done, I do what I do at my own pace and usually don't get stressed out over anything.
If I do get a little stressed, I just go take some of my all natural medication.

I am very pasionate about this industry.

For me it'd be hard to sub jobs from contractors boasting a 2 man roofing crew. Also, if I was liscensed, I too could quote the right price, however I'm not liscensed and stick, or stuck I should say, to the role of sub-contractor.

There is no money in labor only, especially when someone else has their hand in the labor pot before I get to it. If there was, why bother handling materials.

Just my $.02

Good for you!

If the phone is ringing frequently in the middle of a job, it's beneficial to have a helper. That way at least something is getting accomplished while the blah, blah, blah goes on.

So that employee who p'd you off when said it would be nice to sit in a truck all day was right after all?

ah never mind.

It's about 2 grand for a generals ticket (bond and one year insurance). It's a investment as are todays throw away tools.
Filing a quarterly that say no business are easy and don't require a accountant.
I carry that in my pocket along with a 500 dollar 9mm.
What are we talking about again.
Oh yeah who cares what others think. Stick to your plan.

I don't know about that. It depends who you work for I guess. I subbed for the first three months and that is what really got me going. I was physically working then and I was taking home a few thousand a week, labor only.
It has its moments

I'm not saying I didn't have some good weeks, hell, I cleared 4,872.00 one week off 2 jobs. Cleared a couple grand several weeks. However, Grand Rapids is a little "big town" and straight up cut throat across the board, and my wfe spends it just as fast as I make it and the smallest fup can deplete the profit quicker than ****. Best thing to be here is in the medical field, lots of high tech hospitals.
If I had a liscense, things would be different. But early 20's me fubard my credit so I can't get one,the test I can pass.
If I can earn a decent wage, get some formal PM expierence, I can work my credit out over the next years, I can go about this whole liscense thing and have actual profit margins and such down the road.
This past year was really rough, after splitting with my partner, I spent at leats 25k on new equipment, truck, and trailer. I'd probably do much better next year, but I need a good long break from the constant go go go.

Merchant Bonds don't bond in your area? That would be the actual company your agent would get them from. Pretty much a no credit check bond. They just ask that you have 3 years in the trade you are licensing.
Even with a score under a 700 I have been quoted under a grand for a 12k bond.

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