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I am about to do a mailing to a new neighborhood... there are probably 30 homes that I wish to mail too, so it's not very big at all.
I'm trying to decide on either sending a postcard to each home, or a letter with my biz card and perhaps a brochure.
This is the first time trying something like this... normally I just send out a postcard, but I thought maybe a letter would get more of a response???
I know this is a super small mailing.... but it's also very targeted in that these are ideal homes that could use my service.

That's partly because bad advice doesn't go unchallenged.

Since so much has been said about postcard design, those who are interested in creating their own postcards might want to check out this guide to help them avoid being included in Oconomowoc's "epic fail" category -

Thank you, I just went to my library's website, and downloaded "Scientific Advertising" by Claude Hopkins...I have it for 3 weeks.
They didn't have anything by the other two authors, but I'll keep looking.

The OP just wanted to know: Postcards, or letters? Way to hijack a thread, Mike.
For 30 to 60 houses, do a letter, or as Steve suggested, take that idea even further.
Postcards would be a waste of money because they would cost like a dollar each at that quantity.
I've done some post card marketing, and have even had as high as a 3% response rate, with a near 100% closing rate. I've had others flop, too, though. It's tough to figure out.

What an awesome thread! Some of you obviously know what you're talking about and a willingness to teach along the way helps the younger generation of contractors(28 yrs young myself), learn along the way.
I too will be researching the book titles/authors referenced.

I bought the book ?Million Dollar Mailings? recently and it?s good. It?s mainly about mailers that were designed to sell magazine subscriptions 20 years ago. You can learn some of the fundamentals of direct mail from the book. Never mind what they are selling, you can use the ideas to sell anything.
You can get an understanding of a ?Control? from this book. A ?control? is an advertisement that has proven to produce the most profit. Once you have a control you can use it repeatedly and get predictable results. You can also try to design new ad that will beat it.

challenging is considered argumentitive.

I personally have used postcards, just because they are cheaper. I sent them to all the new houses from a c/o list in 42 communities. Min of 4 times ea. It works takes lots of time.

Did I ever mention Billboards? they work as well and take no time.

Home shows work real well also, gets you work now!!!! At least it does me.

Haha.. I think maybe this is your 20th time mentioning billboards. So you don't say... billboards, eh?
Home shows is a relatively new mention tho..
You have to set up a booth n samples n man the booth too right? I should look into that possibility to work w someone on that...

Only if you want to view it that way. I find challenge stimulates growth. Debate without arguing is healthy. I have no problem with disagreement, but if it begins to resemble an argument, the discussion is over.
I've probably already said this in our past disagreements but I learn a lot from people I don't agree with.

I like the reasoning and thoughts behind your Post Card strategy. Any ideas on how architects can take advantage of post card direct mail? Thx.

I am an architect desperately seeking the best direct mail campaign that works.

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