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I was thinking of having a "custom" paint job done on my pickup.
Basically a big solid stripe on the sides and rear and a custom hood.
I would then put my vinyl over the solid paint.
I really don't care about resale, because I will be the last owner of this truck more or less and anyone who buys it or takes it in trade will be doing me a favor at that point!
Has anyone done this? I see fleet trucks painted similarly all the time and they look great.
Any idea on cost?
Our local vo-tech has a body shop where they learn to do things. I was thinking of inquiring there only because it's not really complex and I don't really give a crap if it's not perfect. I have used Rustoleum on a couple of places on the body if that gives you an idea!
This is a very rough idea I did in five minutes

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About a grand for that. Oh wait tree fiddy

I went to an auto body vo-tech and it was the exact opposite of what you described. The instructors would not let anything go out the door until it was perfect. I do mean perfect. In our class on guy kept screwing up the paint work after fixing the body. They made him redo it 3 times. I am talking down to metal not just re shoot it.

May be cheaper to get a custom wrap made. Looks like a very simple design so will keep cost down. Plus you can remove if need be.

I did a body shop vo-tech.....we did OK work for the money....something like that would come out decent. Out biggest problem was the crap spray booth, it put so much dirt in the paint it was not funny, but if you buffed up the paint it would be fine. We would have charged a few hundred i suppose.

That's kind of what I figured. I'm going to give them a call to see what the deal is.

Here one that im looking to buy, its got custom paint job from a conversion co! i made the guy an offer but hes not biting yet!

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Did you use spray paint to paint your truck, and if so can you give me some pointers on how I can get my truck to look like the last truck you have a picture of.

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