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I looked at a ranch home this morning and long story short, shingles have been discontinued. State Farm adjuster paid to replace half of the front of home. I told him shingles were discontinued and he said it didn't matter.
I had same thing happen last year but State Farm ended up paying to replace the entire roof after the homeowner complained, re-inspection adjuster came out and approved because of discontinued shingles.
Anyone have any info on what they have to replace? I know policy says not responsible for color......what you all think?

IN does not have a match "rule/law". Hail or wind damage? That would help. Only half of the front? need more info and a couple of close up photos would help...

Most insurance companies replace damaged slopes. How many slopes are they replacing?

I think that may be your answer.
Some ins. companies are putting in some new language without homeowners knowing.
How is the whole deal with American Family coming along larry?

thats just plain silly, i could understand a few missing shingle, but to have an entire slope a totally different color is just wrong.

No hail damage, just wind. This house has 6 total slopes...replacing 2 of the 6. It is 2 layers as well. 30 square and he approved replacing about 4 to 5. House has 2 valleys, 1 valley will be new, one old. Shingles are Sapphire Black. He also told me they no longer pay for pipe jacks, chimneys or drip edge unless they are damaged. I think I got a stoned adjuster!

Maybe your homeowner needs a better policy.

I might I have posted this before, but join your state roofing association and have them add a 25% rule to the building code. This rule would states that if over 1/4 of the roof has storm damage, the entire roof must be replaced.
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MN still unresponsive (not surprisingly) and IN responsive but clueless. Little by little...going to send info to MN & IN AG's to see if I get a better response and then the local media. The AmFam deal is just to slippery to let them get away with it.
Any contractors with AmFam customers who paid the $30 match endorsement fee but who've had replacement of damaged roofing denied because they are 4-tab asphalt shingles (generally, Certainteed 4-tab Hearthstads), speak up and tell your story.
Let's see, with the match endorsement, AmFam will pay to replace damaged non-matching, discontinued or otherwise no longer available architectural or 3-tab asphalt roofing but excludes 4-tab asphalt roofing. Yeah, that makes sense...
I will post more info on results as I get them, here and at iccoa.com

I hope Randy got some good info.
If I may ask....since we are on the subject......
Have a two separate homes right now with claims. About the same damage. On the one, the ins. paid for all new siding because one side of the house was damaged. Could not match it.
On the second home, the ins. will only cover damaged sides.(2 out of 7-8 walls) The siding is 10 years old and faded. When the HO called about the fading, the adjuster stated that they don't want to cover the rest just because of fading.....because it just costs too much. WTF, right??!!
Really tired of the games myself. If there was other work, we wouldn't even bother with insurance work.
Is this worth pursuing?

A number of variables are involved in this one. I'm assuming the siding is vinyl? I've yet to see any replacement policy from any insurance company that didn't exclude fading. That being said, some manufacturers slightly change the finish on the same panel and/or change the name of the color down the road. Slighty different pattern and/or color name change technically means that the existing color is no longer available. Check that one out.

Randy, we have gotten SF to replace many, many roofs for discontinued shingles here in IN. Most often was the 4 tab. The only experience I recall of having been denied was with AMFAM.

I am suppose to meet with a SF adjuster for re-inspection...we'll see how it goes.

It should be a no brainer, replace them.

Every adjuster is different in what the pay and won't pay for.
Think of a puppet once...
I've dealt with some outstanding S.F. adjusters over the year, most of which are IA's.

"rule/law". Hail or wind damage .... The only thing that will help is photos photos close up photos ... Ins Co's All of them will try to beat you out of thousands of dollars if you don't take lots of Picture to back your Claim up .... Trust me when I say that Ins Co's are the best cons on the Block... CYA...

Not many of those old 4-Tab Heartsteads left. They had a really dark, almost black shadow band and some really agressive blending in their three color granual drop. They looked really cool when installed properly. A lot of times though, installers didn't allow that shadow band to show correctly and they just didn't look as good.

The main problems with the Heartstead's however, was the cuts on the tabs were angled from the widest part of 9" right up by the head lap and narrowed to about 7" out at the edge of the tab. What that ended up doing was create an almost wind tunnel effect and any kind of breeze at all would lift those tabs right up breaking the seal. Those shingles started blowing off almost as soon as they were put down.

To bad CT never got that problem figured out because they were awesome looking roofs. Not a single shingle from any other manufacturer looked like those old CT Heartstead 4-Tabs either.

I think I got an IA to buy a Hearthstead roof today. Did the one two houses down a month ago and doing the one next door early next week, both had Hearthstead.
IMO, they were crap to lay and look even crapier now.

LOL.... to each his own I guess. I admit I never actually nailed a single one of them on a roof, but I did sell a ton of them right before they were discontinued back in the late '90s. I did a roof ID for one of my high end builders who was building a 1.5 million dollar home on Geist resivoir. The roof the client picked out was a perfectly installed Heartstead.

But, when the clients went by and saw their roof after it went on, they screamed bloody murder swearing that it wasn't the same shingle on the house across the cul-de-sac. That house wasn't finished yet either, so the CT rep got permission from that builder to pull one of the shingles to compare and of course, it was the exact same shingle. The Heartsteads on the house of my builder however, were installed improperly. The roofers didn't know what they were doing with that particular shingle and covered up the shadow band entirely. It looked terrible and of course, explained why they claimed they were 8 squares short on my 65 square take off.

I've got to hand it to my CT rep at the time however.... he was able to comp nearly half of the new Heartsteads for the tear off and re-roof. Needless to say, my customer hired the roofing crew that had done the other house to install them and done properly, the new roof looked fantastic.

With the trouble CT had with that shingle, I'm frankly surprised to hear any of them are still around on roofs today. Those things blew off in a stiff breeze.

I am tired of these insurance companies paying for a roof slope or two, shafting good customers who never call in a claim until a bad storm hits that really damages their roof or siding. I have literally 7 claims waiting on re inspection because the adjusters never called the homeowner and just popped up to inspect the roof without me being present.
They either sloped them or failed them and every other house I inspect that we call in has roof damage or we dont call it in, mater of fact if it is hail I make sure I have 10 to 14 hits per on the front and rear of roof and at least 50% of a roof with wind damage with a combination of broken seals, missing shingles and creases.
It would be nice to see insurance companies simply take care of their customers, they make a ton of money and people can pay for 30 years without a claim and they still get dumped on.
Then we get dumped on when they do pay because it is very minimal and every billy bob without a license or insurance is doing roof for peanuts and beer which makes us legitimate contractors providing a great roofing system with a full manufacturer warranty that is not void and workmanship warranty look like we're overcharging people when we are upgrading them to lifetime architectural shingles, ice and water, ridge vent, hip and ridge shingles, starter shingles and more. It gets really annoying out here at times................
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Now that's 100% real I respect and appreciate that statement that's exactly how I feel concerning these poor insurance customer's.

your preachin to the chior on this one.... in a perfect world the Ins Co or as I call the "Big Bad ones" ... make up the rules on the go and to their bottom line ..... you and your the insured get the shaft and the good guys ALWAYS come in last !

I know of a homeowner up my way with Hearthstead's with wind damage with matching endorsement who's getting nothing out of amfam.
ALSO New Horizons are not considered a matching with endorsement as they are not laminate shingles or 3 tabs.
The list keeps growing of homeowners (including myself) who I've lured away from amfam.
Do I miss all the leads from my old amfam agent? NO!!!

I might suggest you be with your HO when the claim is called in and make sure they are explicitly clear with the insurance customer service rep they talk to that the Adjuster is not to come on their property without them and/or their contractor present.
I'm not sure what your comment means about "every billy bob ....". This should have no impact on you if you have a contingency agreement with your Customer. It then becomes a matter of how well you are able to work and negotiate with the insurance companies.

We always have a contingency agreement. That spells out in plain english " once approved by the insurance adjuster, my company is hereby authorized to repair and /or replace any damages deemed necessary by the insurance company with no additional cost except you deductible which is $__________ (they fill in the blank).".
but of course some people do not care if you send them a bill for the whole amount of the claim to collections being that they've signed an agreement with you. Some folks either dont care or have no credit anyway. In my state the check is written out to the homeowner only.
In NC they only write the check out to the contractor and homeowner if the homeowner had a loan modification done or is with a state employes credit union. This puts power in the hands of the homeowner once the check arrives to screw you over if some storm chaser bangs on their door promising a new roof for free! or some billy bob who says he can do that roof for $2000 less than what insurance paid out because he ran out of beer last night.

We are in 3 states and the insurance writes the check to the HO only in all 3.
If you're having that many problems with HO's backing out of your contract, I'd say you need to reconsider the market you're serving and also get a better attorney.

Bender......I am in Indiana as well. I am always getting checks made out to HO and Mortgage Co.....then we have to jump thru the mortgage hoops and hope the people are not behind on payments.
You saying you never get that?

Randy, my bad. What I meant was the Insurance rarely has put us on the check along with the HO. Any claim $10,000 or above tends to have the mortgage company included.
This was in response to the other guy who made mention of having his company's name included on the insurance check to protect them against HO's who take the money and use another contractor. Having the mortgage company on the insurance check does little to help the guy with this problem.

Gotcha Bender....I see what you mean.
I sure hate them mortgage companies when I find out after doing a job that the people are behind on payments.....what a headache!

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