2006 Cat Th460b Telehandler Not Starting Right - Framing


We have a o6 cat telehandler. th 460b. Its been a great machine and we love it, but it started acting up about a month ago. I thought the cold weather might be causing the 7 year old batteries to act up so I bought two new ones. Same slow turn over and hard starting. I called the cat dealer and he sent a tech out. He changed the starter with the same results. He then called caterpillar support and they suggested turning the steering wheel while trying to start it. This speed up the turn over rate. They said a priority valve was to blame and was plugged. Changing the priority valve helped speed up the starter a bit but it is still not starting as good as it did. Our machine has 2300 hrs on it. Just wondering if anyone else has this model or one like it and has had a similar problem. We are 3 grand into this problem and the cat boys are still scratching their heads. thanks

Not that it will help you. But have a friend with a460B and he has had a fair amount of problems with his as well. They are known for terrible electrical problems and issues in the dash. Call cat support yourself and cut the dealer out? Explain that your not willing to start replacing stuff for the fun of it.

Not that this will help much, but I have a 2004 Th460b and love it also
It has about 1600 hrs and no real starting problems except in the cold
this morning 18 degrees and barely turns over
I myself put in new batteries a few years ago to avoid starting problems
but that was all that was wrong
In the cold I need to move the joystick in some direction at the same time moving the cab leveler switch to get the cab to level
Other than squirrels loving to climb in and eat wires if it parked for a few days, no real electric issues
Good Luck

Not a ton of hours for a 7 YO machine.
While there may be something more going on, it could be worth while to run the fuel that you have in there out and get tsome fresh fuel in there.
A lot of guys will just pick up 5 or 10 gallons of fuel at a time because of portable can size. This can allow for more water build up in the fuel system.
Run the fuel in there just about to empty, service on the fuel filter(s), check the water separator, get some fresh fuel and some fuel conditioner and see if you get some improvement. Nothing here is an added expense as it's just standard operating procedure.
A lift I owned a while back would have the water separator bowl freeze up if I wasn't diligent in draining it.

forgot to mention, we also changed the fuel filter, as well as all the hydraulic fluid and filter. thanks for the replies.

Are batterie cables coroded causing ristance

Brand new batteries. All cables cleaned and inspected. Tech tested amperage at the starter. All specs were good.

We need a video of it trying to start.

Will try on Monday to get one. not sure how to post a video but will try to figure it out

Upload to youtube and post the link

Just to update everyone. The priority valve was the culprit. It has clogged twice. When it gets clogged it loads up the starter trying to pump hydraulic fluid to the steering and brakes. We have changed the hydraulic filter twice in hopes of cleaning up the fluid. Not sure what is clogging the valve. Hopefully it is not an indicator that something in the transmission is messing up. With only 2000 hours you would hope not. The indicator that it was the priority valve is the turn over rate of the starter speeds up if you turn the steering wheel while trying to start it. Thanks for the input of those who responded.

can anyone tell me where this priority valve is?

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