Bastard Roof? - Framing


I've read this a few times and I'm not exactly sure what you're all talking about.

I searched the question and there wasn't anything specific....Is it when you build an addition that lays over an existing roof?

I guess we just have slatherass workers here 'cause I've yet to work on a project that has a tollerence of 1/16" by the time we're ready to frame a roof...If I was trying to be that accurate I'd have to plane my 2x4's so I had an egde to even read a 1/16"

I only see this if you have a crew of seasoned carpenters and a mason who's dead balls consistantly. I'm questioning your 1/16", I'll give you a ranch style, but 2 1/2 stories I dunno.

Some of the tollerences and figures spouted here make you think we're building furniture. I don't doubt that your producing excellect work but I don't believe it for a second.

New work is different than old work.
Build a box. precut it and everything fits.
Build a box to fit tight inside a 40 year old box. Measure everything.

:la ughing:

I have no crew. I am the framer and that's it. That's me on top of a 3 story condo with perfect dimensions

WNY, nice!!! I would have tried to make less lines but architects like more lines so you did good.
It's sheathing. In all the code books it's sheathing. I think.

6/12 and 9/12 combination with a 10' run on the 6/12 side.
6[Inch] [Pitch]
10' [Run]
9[Inch] [Conv] [Hip/Val] Returns - 13' 3/16" (Hip Length)
[Hip/Val] Returns - 22.59° (Hip Plumbcut Angle) or (7-1/16 over 17)
[Hip/Val] Returns - 67.41° (Hip Level Cut Angle)
[Hip/Val] Returns - 33.69° (9/12 Plan View angle and Jack Saw Setting)
[Hip/Val] Returns - 56.31° (6/12 Plan View angle and Jack Saw Setting)
[Diag] Returns - 11' 2-3/16" (6/12 Common Rafter Length)
[Rise] = [Rise]
9 [Inch] [Pitch] [Diag] Returns - 8'4" (9/12 Common Rafter Length)
Plywood Sheathing Angle.
Tan-¹ (Tan(56.31) / (Cos(26.57) = 59.19417° (6/12 Side)
Tan-¹ (Tan(33.69) / (Cos(36.87) = 39.80554° (9/12 Side)
Sheathing Cut.
48/Tan(59.19) = 28.6251" or 28-5/8" (6/12 Side)
48/Tan(39.80) = 57.61139" or 57-5/8" (9/12 Side)
Jack Rafter Difference 16" Center.
Tan(59.19417) x 16 = 26.83404" or 26-13/16" (6/12 Side)
Tan(39.80554) x 16 = 13.33332" or 13-5/16" (9/12 Side)
Backing Bevel.
Tan-¹(Sin(22.59) / (Tan(56.31) = 14.36411° (6/12 Side)
Tan-¹(Sin(22,59) / (Tan(33.69) = 29.95066° (9/12 Side)

: clap:

I had to do it quick because I'm watching "The Ultimate Fighting Championship".............;-)

Calm down Mike. Have you got into the discussion about toe nailing or face nailing studs?? People do things differently in dirfferent parts of the country. We lose people to heart attacks with the toe nail face nail discussion. Ask Joe.

Simplistic triangulation of illregular hip or valleys. "Bastard" per se. If you don't get it call me. I would be happy to help. Hans Esq.

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