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We charge $2 (two) dollar per sq.ft.
How we price the drywall installation?
There are several methods we use when we have to price the drywall job. Preliminary quote on drywall boarding can be issued over a telephone based on the square footage of the area that needs drywall installation.
As drywall contractors we need to know the total area of drywall board for the rough quote. We usually ask over the phone total floor area and clarify if the area is an open concept or divided on section/rooms. Than we ask about ceiling height. The formula for open concept area on drywall installation total square footage is floor area square footage multiplied by 3.5 , for the area with rooms: floor area sq footage multiplied by 4.
For example, if we required to install drywall in the house that has 5000 sq foot of the floor area with 8? ceiling height and open concept, than amount of the drywall board that we will have to install will be roughly 5000×3.5=17500 sq ft.
Than we multiply the total square footage of the drywall board by the price per square foot.
Of course it works the best if the drywalled area doesn?t have custom features like multiple custom shaped skylights, cathedral ceilings in rooms and unusually shaped entrances, amount of corner beads also play role in the drywall installation pricing. In the case of custom situation it will be the best to arrange for a visit of our certified professional drywall estimator to get more accurate quote.
To find out more you can always contact or call us at 647 866 0201 and we will be happy to help you with your drywall installation price.
John T. Galaman
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In Detroit I pay .90 to 1 dollar for a smooth finish with them supplying everything.
Got to watch it though, these guys are not the best at paying suppliers.

The concrete answer is there is no concrete answer... as it depends on what type of finish and texture they will be looking for. I usually use commercial drywall finishers on my residential projects and they are not as cheap as some of the other finishers down here. Their price always depends on how many corners, butt-joints, etc., so that is something you need to consider as well. I have a couple of commercial finishers and I have them come and give me estimates after the drywall is hung. It can't be based purely on SF since a 200SF room could be four walls and a ceiling or it could have three closets, a few windows, etc., which would require a lot more taping and floating with a lot more corners. If you can minimize the number of butt-joints, that makes things a lot easier and less costly to finish as well.

Obviously, you can't control the number of corners unless you rock over the closet entrances.

Part of running a successful business is to keep track of how long it has taken you to do various tasks in the past. If you are not doing this then you will severly limit yourself on future bids/jobs.
Without starting a moaning/groaning contest it seems anywhere from $1 to $1.50 per sq foot of drywall is a legitimate rate (to finish only) for someone that has a real business, pays workman's comp, has liability insurance, and allows for profit to help his/her company grow.
I'm sure there are areas of the country that have workers that will do it a lot cheaper. Obviously things like ceiling height, curved walls, too many joints (used 4x8 sheets where 4x12 or larger sheets should have been used), etc. will affect the price.

I was thinking that number might work but I've ran into GC's before that like to throw our commercial rates to throw me off.


Good Luck with that.
I pay $.26 - $.30 to hang, tape, finish, and texture (labor price per sq ft of rock). A buck or more to tape and finish is absurd.
I cover the workmens compensation myself in addition to the $.26 so you can add another nickel if your covering it.

is that new construction?
are you saying you would do 3,840 sq. feet of remodel- hang, tape and finish for $998 + materials?

I think his words were " I pay" not "I Do" Big difference!

The going rate around here seems to be about .52 per. to hang tape and finish. Thats according to one guy in my area of Alabama. He also says that is 12 ft ceilings. Neede to try and talk to someone i n your area. I have also seen in NY it is about .85/.95 per.

I sometimes compare pricing this way. If you are comfortable paying your guys 150$ a day and you keep the overhead then that is great. Materials should be about .12 per square foot ( 460$) . That should buy all the bead, mud and tape. at 2700$ /3840 = .7 per sq ft to tape and sand, i'd say that's pretty good money.

world of difference!

Here in central PA, hang and finish labor only is between 18 and 24 dollars a board. Finish only labor is between 11 and 14 dollars a board. Maybe more if the board was poorly hung.

that's what the contractor charges? would that apply for a remodeled older home with fills and such?
where in PA?

WOW !! I've been watching these threads on "Drywall" for awhile now and am surprised at some of the prices different contractors "charge " and "receive" for their services. I started out in this business doing commercial framing and drywall, then just in the last 2 years ventured into the residential market. Right now in Ind/KY the going rate is.60-.70 cents for hanging and finishing / material supplied.Vaults over 12ft and tech ceilings usually run an extra 50.00 to 100.00 per side. Again your area and the competition will usually dictate what you can charge. Plus like an old timer told me once. "What is your time worth"?????
Good luck with the job.

It depends on what you mean by "re-rock". If you mean tearing out all the old rock, or paneling and then rocking it then the rates would be closer too, but still higher than standard residential rates. If you mean rocking over plaster or paneling then $1 a foot is about right around here, although I might not get the job depending on if it was a referall or not because there is always some idiot willing to do it for nothing.

yes, don't know, the middle part.

thanks! I'm from Central Jersey, maybe 20 minutes from the border by way of 78.

how big is the place your estimating

26-30 cents from install to paint ready? That's absurd! I would not get out of bed in the morning for that. Here the boarders get 20-25 with or without screws, and the tapers get about 35-40 to finnish. Texturing is extra.

Anyone have estimates for suburban Chicago (near Ohare?)

D-bal, your guys must be slooooow.
one house i did, @ .26/ft, the hanger worked alone, 9' ceilings, single story. Made $900 in a weekend at $.12 per sq ft.
The tapers took a little longer. 2 men 1 day to tape, 1 man day for each of 2 top coats, 1 man day to texture, 1/2 to scrape and clean up. total 5-1/2 man days, $1,200.
Generally, at $.26 per square foot they get about $200 per man per day.

I just paid a guy $1 per foot to hang, tape, 1 coat of plaster. Plus I supplied 26-4x12 sheets @ $11.50 per sheet. I guess that would mean $1.23 complete for a remodel.
That might be a bit high, but the guy came on short notice, has a good reputation, and was in and out in 2 days...24 hours total.

ask PELADU here

Flying Monkey, you're saying the labor rate in your area to hang tape and finish drywall is $624 per man day? What do complete houses go for without land?

.26 to .30 your nuts, do your workers communicate in english?
I live in central In. and most hangers get .15 on flat eight's and 18 and up on anything else. Finishers go from .20 on flat eights and up.
I have done this all my life and only do highend homes no prefab only custom work like hand finished medallions, custom hand swirl ceilings and my rates I guess are outragious at .88 to 1.00 per ft but I always have work. I never supply the board for this rate. Most contractors are charging 1.00 per ft. and up, the rock will cost .24 to .28 per ft and most only want to pay .50 to .54 complete if they supply the board.
This is the same problem that has been around for years. If you pay .10 per ft. to hang and .12 per ft. to finish you get .10 and .12
worth of quality try putting that in someones million dollar home.

Thom NO HABLA English ,bet you have good quality, you must texture all the walls, can your guys do a level cinco finish? LOL

I fully agree with ya!

From what I?ve seen there is no set rate for dry walling. Price all depends on the area the market and the job. I will admit that sheet rocking is not my profession but I have been hanging and taping for 20 years. I bid all my jobs according to how long it?s going to take and the extra work that might be required (twisted studs, high ceiling, access, mudding HO hang job ext). I just finished a job where I got $3.70 SF but with this price there were a lot of extras thrown in.

You have to put up 7,500 sq. ft. to put 900 ducats on your scorecard @ .12 per!! That is some pretty quick boarding.
Not sure what your end product looks like but around here if you hang 1,800 s.f. by yourself that is a very, very, very productive day. Tell your guy I can use him here in Canada if he hangs 7,500 in a weekend (at the rates around here he will make over $2,000 in that same wekend ... I'll buy the screws).

i have a question since I’m knew at this, I have always work with subs and always hourly I have been offer a contract how ever idk how much to charge for board. The height is 9 ft hiegt and it’s a level four finish however the ceilings are concrete and they have to get skim and texture do I charge more for that and how much. There’s probably 8 corners beads in the room and a small soffit. That’s about it can someone help me out in prices. Thansk 

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