Target Credit Card Breach Is The Heating Guys Fault - HVAC


I picked this up in the news yesterday and I out out a blog article about it:
I just can't believe how smart hackers are getting and how easy of a loophole this was! To think that 40 million credit cards rest in one persons control, not very secure...
What are your thoughts?

Loopholes always look simple once you find them.
Since you made me go to your website to read someone else's blog instead of just posting a direct link to the original article here, I'm moved to suggest that you spend some time reviewing plagiarism and fair use rules.

I am a little hesitant to use the cube, because folks might get nervous about some stranger swiping their card on a fairly strange device. With Pay Pal, I have
any accesses to their c.c. Information.

Gaining access wasn't all that clever. Breaking into an unsecure system and then chaining to others is something a script kiddie could do - there's software for it. Target was just being stupid by not following security procedures.
Writing code for POS is more specialized - this may have been more innovative, but I'll leave that to the experts to decide.

Its always the repair guy.

One company I worked for years ago. Had several large accounts that we had reader cards to enter the buildings, and those cards gave us access to any area in teh buildings. We of course weren't allowed to write the name of the building the individual cards each worked for.
I knew that in 1 room of the one building, there was always over 400,000 in cash in the safe, that many times was not always locked. Since it was a restricted access room. But my card had access privilege to that room. While I worked for that company, I never told anyone about it, for this type of reason.

I just heard that. That guys shop is just a few miles from me. Luckily I've never shopped at a target

No way!!!


What, that I've never shopped at target

I shop there almost every week. So far I have received 3 debit card replacements for every week I went during the last month. Its ridiculous a debit card per week.

Yeah, totally. It's a mess. They must be stressed out to the max.

Thanks for the mention. 

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