Klein Tools Or Greenlee - Electrical

What tool manufacturer do you like better?

Hey I am in the Klein boat as well. I have heard that the Greenlees are basicaly a green version of klein. Have never used them so I can not say if this is true.
But I want to know what type of tool a dyke is(a dyke to me is a girl that likes other girls). I am thinking they are what i would call side cutters.

Dikes, short for diagonal cutting pliers.

I'm no electrician, but just about all of my hand tools are klein I just like the feel and there is just something about a pair of klein pleirs you just cant beat. My linemans and dykes have cut just about everything and are still goin strong

go to www.mytoolstore.com and buy the Klein 41 Piece Journeyman's Tool Set and your looking large out of the gate.

Wow $552 that is pretty pricey...

Walmart has real nice tools real cheap.

HAh.. well I dont mind purchasing GOOD tools but $600 is a lot at one time...

I've got crimpers that cost more than that, actually it does seem a little steep for 41 piece set especially when some of the pieces included in the kit are safety glasses, a belt, tape measure etc., you might want to check eBay for some deals. Get the important stuff in Klein and the other stuff from one of the cheaper US made tool companies.
Are Klein crescent wrenches any better than a Craftsman?

I don't know. I use Crescent brand adjustable wrenches.

I just looked in my garage tool box and I've got a couple of Crescent brand, a Proto, an Indestro (Duro), some Craftsman and a Fuller from the early '80s that was made in Japan, no Kleins. I'm sure the Kleins adjustables are top quality, but not worth the extra price to me.

Add another $1400 to that and you'll have something.

Make sure to pick up one of these 8-10 adjustable wrenches, they're invaluable.

Invaluable for what? I'm not so sure that if I had one of those, I wouldn't give it away to the first person who thought it was interesting. It wouldn't even fit in a pouch right. I bet it would make a good boat anchor.

Okay, here's the situation you have two bolts going through something that you can't reach around to tighten and they are spaced the distance of the wrenches openings, you put the wrench on both bolts or nuts and walk around to the other side to tighten or loosen them up, invaluable. That's all I could come up with, you're right it looks about as useless as a screen door on a submarine, but it's unique. I found it when I was looking up an old tool name brand. Here is the website if anyone is interested in old tools, they have a lot of cool stuff:

I have an account with Snap-on, Matco, and Mac, and it has nothing to do with prestige, and everything to do with top quality product and excellent customer service. With any of the three, if I break something during the day, I can make one phone call and the truck will be at my house that afternoon with a replacement, even for something as small as a screwdriver. And if they can't make it to my house they will make arrangements to meet me somewhere to exchange product. You don't get that kind of service from Craftsman.

For those of us that actually use their tools on a daily basis not like those that have them in a box in the garage, Klein is worth the money. The kit for $500 is a good buy for someone starting out. I use this site that compares the prices of several suppliers.


randomkiller didn't know how to post pictures so he asked if I good post a picture of his tools for him. Here they are:

My wife really likes your tools, and wants to know where she can get a set. She says that she's not real crazy about the gay pride emblem, and wonders if you added that or if the set comes with that already?

Sorry to disappoint, but Mickey in trying to help out with a pic for me shot his daily carry tools and posted the pic by accident. I know impersonation is a form of flattery but I have no idea why he put my SN on his tool bag. Maybe he misses me during the day. As for the gay pride flag I guess he must be used to putting them on everything he owns.

Oh Mickey, I wish I could say I respected you before this post, but honestly I really don't wish that because I've never respected you.
I think your best bet would be to hi-jack someone's avatar -again- so you can show everyone who's boss.
It's great that you've proven you can photoshop the crap out of anything, while in the mean time you've listed "web devoloper" as your occupation, but yet your web site is ..............?
Too bad your photoshopping abilities couldn't help you out of that one. Hell, at least you could design your site to make it possible to click on one of your photoshopped pictures???
I've heard people have too much time on their hands after retirement, but a handyman teasing electricians on the internet to fill the hours really makes me hope to be dead by the time I hit that age.

Wow Joe, lighten up. If mickey didn't put "
union electrician
" on the side you'd be laughing your ass off. I know I was!
Hell, I far from get along with mickey in certain other forums, but this was freakin' funny!

LMAO....don't make me have to change my sig line again

That pink crap made me laugh, but I took it from the source. I think hes an idiot, then I looked at some of his posts and figured him and his alter ego are butt buddies and its politically incorrect to bust on fags so Ill just ignore

Sparkly Joe,
I'll show you how it's done:
First you compliment me:
Thanks Joe
Then I return the compliment:
Joe you're real good at collecting overtime pay for work you didn't do.
I tried looking at this from your point of view, but I can't stick my head that far up my ass. You're a young, thinks he knows it all, union apprentice electrician, and not that sharp of one either, they're a dime a dozen and most of them know what watts are:
Are you kidding me? Watts are watts. THe kilowatt consumption will be identical.

I'm not sure what your problem is, but I'm betting it's real hard to pronounce. For some reason you and the other half-wit union electrician seem to be very concerned about how much time I spend on my posts, it seems very odd to me, is it a union thing? As far as your respect for me, I couldn't care less, your respect is worth as much to me as a Canadian penny in China (or any of the Asian countries). Do you think I have respect for a young, mean spirited, know-it-all, do you care? I've told you before if you don't like my posts don't have anyone read them to you.
Take your meds Joe, the green and white ones, not the red ones.

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Name calling is fun, especially with a third grader (they seem to have the best ones)
The respect statement above, was more of an opening line to give tone to the subsequent sentences. I didn't feel I was taking anything away from you, and if I did then........
As far as "watts are watts", think way back to when you learned DC theory, or perhaps they didn't teach that in 'table saw 101', so I'll give you a brief lesson; 1horse load at 120 = 6.2amps, 1horse at 240 = 3.1amps. Now you figure your wire resistance, we'll call it 2ohms(this is constant in this circuit because wire size would be the same)
Watts = Isquared x R (refer to your ugly's cover). 120; 6.2squared x 2ohms = 76Watts. 240; 3.1squared x 2ohms = 19Watts. Should I go further with the math, or should we wait for MD's verification?
I wouldn't expect a porch builder to know something so complex, he could at least read on in thread from the post he quoted to see this math lesson the first time it was spelled out(every first year knows this stuff by the way).
On the subject of meds; if you would take your little blue ones your wife would look a little more pleasant in her pics.

If you have 2 ohm wire losses, then you're really doing something seriously wrong. That works out to about 600 feet of #12.

Oh-No! Now we will have to deal with that....

the scenario was hypothetical, would 20milliohms fit better hypothetically. Or perhaps 500's were run for 1 foot to give 20microohms. No matter what you call it your burning 4 times the watts at only half the voltage.

I came across this thread in a web search trying to see what people think of Gardner Bender tools. I was under the impression that they made some pretty good stuff (I love their new circuit alert romex stripper tool), but apparently nobody here agrees I have been comparing their stuff to greenlee, and I feel more comfortable with the GB stuff.
Does anyone care to spend the time to explain to my why GB toos are supposedly garbage? I have no problem skipping GB in favour of Klein/Greenlee, but as I say, right now for voice/data/video tools, I seem to like the GB tools.

Have you used any of the other manufac. tools for this type of work?

I couldn't tell you the difference because in my first electrical job when my boss was informing me of what to buy, he said "avoid GB, they're crap", so I never have purchased a GB tool.
I did however order my first Knipex tool this week(should be here Friday). I lost my 420's 2 months ago and have been using my 440's until the the new Lowe's opens near my house so I could continue my boycott of Home Depot. But last week a guy showed me his small Knipex channy's and I decided to change brands.
Not many places near me that stock them but I ordered anyway the 10" crocodiles with the comfort grip, and am going to drive out of my way tommorrow to try a few out at 1 of 2 suppliers in town.

I am only purchasing the odd electrical tool for my own house rebuild as I already have the majority of what I need, but I need to purchase a/v/d tools, and i want to purchase quality tools. I have been comparing them only by web catalog since my local Home Depot only caries some GB and Greeenlee tools....they seem to push the Ideal line. The only reason I seem partial to GB is because I have had great success with their new circuit alert tool which also strips 12/2 and 14/2 romex. I originally was going to buy Klein, but the GB seemed to be solid enough and it had the built in circuit alert tool, which was great for my needs. I am just wondering if anyone can tell me any real reasons why GB sucks. I know they sell an economy line of tools, but they also sell models which seems to be more solid..or atleast they appear so to me.
I would appreciate any clarification or heads up on what is good to buy for striping and criming a/v/d cables and connectors.

I think it mainly comes down to feel and how often you use the tools. In your case you may not know what you are missing, if you have not tried other tools. For example, I have had a set of Craftman nut drivers for 20 years or more and for the most part they are only used occassionally. This past weekend I was installing a sprinkler system in my yard and had to crank down on about 30 hose clamps. By the 10th one my hand was in pain from the poorly designed craftman handle. Just my experience....


While the GB NM stripper tester seems like a great combination....I wouldn't rely on it to save my life....what happens when the battery dies? Keep a back-up handy. (The same could be said of any proximity tester)
My experience with all things GB has been dismal....from hand tools to benders to snakes....all steaming, festering piles of fecal matter.
...but you do get what you pay for

Well I have use the circuit alert wire stripper (my first and only GB tool) to rewire an entire house now and I am very pleased with it (I am a plumber by trade so I am no stranger to using hand tools and I can tell the difference between a flimsy one and a solid one). And I would never totally rely on any proximity sensor tool to ensure my safety....but it does make things easier as well as give you peace of mind as a secondary check.
I am just checking to make sure that people's bias towards GB wasn't based on comparing their $10 economy line tool to a $50 professional line tool of Klein/Greenlee. But Celtic seems to have actually used a number of different GB tools and overall doesn't like the quality...so I am going to take his word for it and just stick to the more popular brands like Klein or Greenlee.
Thx too all for the insights.

What do you prefer in pipe wrenches Ridgid or Craftsman?
Why? 99% would go with Ridgid for quality, feel, construction,design,performance. Well its the same with GB, they are made of cheap materials and usually an inferior design. When you say HD has Greenlee, I see they have a line of tools that look like Greenlee but arent. Typically the only Greenlee at HD is augers and punches.
Caveat emptor.

Truer words have never been written in all of time.

For us who are limited to pig latin, what does that mean?

Buyer beware.

I got two Klein tools that were given to me and you guys are going to kill be but I bought craftsman tools. ONLY because if they break I can just go to sears or k-mart and trade them in.

We won't kill you...Craftsman does have some good items - ratchets and wrenches....if have Craftsman screw drivers - you won't be returning them when they break, you'll keep them as "beaters" and buy some Klein drivers

Well I got some klein tools for free and they looked worn out so I brought them to sears (which also sells kleins) and I tried to get an exchange for the kleins but I would have to send them back and everything.

That is why I went and purchased the craftsman tools.

You sound either plain fuckin stupid or completely inexperienced and obviously not working in a trade. It takes 3 months for a dumbass to find out how much easier Klein, and other contractor grade tools make work. Especially compared to craftsman. When I was an inexperienced rookie I bought a craftsman set... the side cutters couldn’t even cut through a 3 wire 14 gauge armoured cable. Not without two hands anyways. But the same plier made by Greenlee my 80 yr old gramma can cut. So you my friend are either completely full of shit or your a useless dog ducker that can’t rub two nickels together 

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