Wide Coupler Lock For Trailer Needed - Vehicles

I'm searching for a coupler lock that is open wider than 1 inch, most seem to be smaller in the 3/4 range...attached is a pic of the coupler lock next to a tape measure, let me know if you have any ideas and thanks
this is on a 7 x 14 Wells Cargo trailer




If all you need wider is the release handle just weld a tab how ever wide you want on it.

that is the best lock I've ever seen. use em on all trailers.

I should have been a little more clear
I need to lock it to my truck so some just can't lift up the handle and take off with it
that Master lock is junk, I have a Megahitch coupler vault on there when its parked with out a tow vehicle

Just pad lock the chains to your hitch.

Long harp padlock.

equals easy to cut

I bet I could get through any kind of trailer lock in under 3 mins. Locks only stop an honest thief.
I watched my laborer lock his keys in the car, and get the door unlocked in a matter of about 2 mins today. He used a birdsmouth cutout, flat bar and some coil stock

I cut my coupler lock of in less than 60 seconds. Its also meant to be one of the better ones. That mega hitch lock is a nice bit of kit. I'm sure that's got to be up in the 5min range to remove.

They need to rate them like safes, in the amount of time a pro can crack them

Some do. There was a system in the UK thst gave them ratings for insurance company's. they then told you what type of lock grade you needed to use as a minimum on that item. My jetski needed a $200 5ft chain and a $150 padlock. It had a crazy looking key and it was impossible to get to the lock shackle with a cutter. You would have had to cut through the whole lock.

That's the only reason I lock anything is so insurence covers it when it gets stolen

I upgraded my policy so that I'm covered on my tools even if I left the locks unlocked on the trailer. I have been caught out once with that and never again. Had a $6k mountain bike stolen and it was locked up. Thief took the lock with the bike and they wouldn't pay out unless I had proof it was locked up with a decent lock. The lock also had anti theft coverage but guess what. I needed to cut off lock too.

Everything, except the chains that keep my trailer connected to my truck is locked when I'm rolling. I'm sure all of it is not the best. But...I always check my stuff before taking off again even if I just stopped for a cup of coffee. Always...it's just what i do.
Nothing is perfect.

If they really want the traier a cordless grinder will make short work of any lock. They're only there to keep the honest, honest.

Thanks for the nice topic. 

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