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I couldn't find Deckorators balusters in a ~30" size, so I ordered 212 Dextrusions 30 3/8" balusters for a custom railing I was putting together. When I opened the box (which was WAY too weak for the weight it was carrying. Two large holes were on either end of it.), I couldn't believe what I saw.
95% of the balusters were utter crap. They looked like they were cut by a drunken 9 year old with a dull sawzall blade. In addition to the horrible cuts, many had chips in the middle and a few had dents. What garbage.
I did get my money refunded. But I'm out the ~$30 for return shipping and the huge hassle I had to go through AND the time I lost.
Learn from my mistake.


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That really is some bad product. I wonder if the $30 charge for return is spelled out before hand.

All the alum pipe I have ever used has belved ends and the coating was put on after the pipe was cut to length. That stuff is total bush league.


Well I could see why they would want to pull this post off, seeing as the supplier is a big advertiser on this board.

But really, this is a contractor board and contractors should have the right to let other like contractors know if a particular product is of poor quality.

John, the $30 is what I had to pay for return shipping.

I did read that I just wondered if it was in the sales agrement.
Mark, Tin is pretty smart. All posts like that have to be put in a Business nature. War Is Hell and to be avoided if at all possible.
I know I never post in a bad nature

The Deck Barn apologizes for the condition of the product that you received.
This is not indicative of Dextrusions Balusters.
We have many repeat customers who are happy with the price, customer service and product.
We replied immediately upon your call to give you satisfaction on your return and were under the impression you were satisfied. In retrospect it appears as if we should have replaced the damaged goods and sent a return label.
Again, our sincere apologies for the damaged product that was shipped to you.
Visit The Deck Barn at the Deck Show in Chicago where anyone can view and inspect USA made Dextrusions balusters.

Question... is it normal in the dextrusions manufacture process to cut them to leangth after the coating has been put on ???


This post really surprises me. We build 2-3 deck per week and I use the spindles from the deck barn exclusively. I have probably purchased over 9500 spindles this summer alone. I have not run across any quality issues or shipping issues. The cost and the quality combined make for a solid money maker for us! I also purchase various railing systems and low voltage lighting. I would highly recommend the Deck Barn!
Keith Pres. Woodcraft Design and Build

The plot thickens.
I've got to say it. Between Woodcraft and Killer Decks there are a lot of decks being built in Michigan. I am definately in the wrong state.

there are 350 deck builders in metro detroit alone

Holy cow 9500 balusters just this summer!! The last deck I used aluminum balusters on was a 14' x 50'. It only took 200.
You have built the equivalent of 47 - 14' x 50 decks just over the summer?
I need to move to Michigan.

there are at least 3 million people in the metro det area.

I've ordered from deckbarn over 2500 balusters this complaint.very fast delivery time. Thank again

I love how a bunch of new guys register to post one post and it happens to be in here talking about how great these balusters are

I've ordered 384,000 balusters this month from Deck Barn and they were all awesome.
(Deck-Barn, my address is on the website, feel free to send the cheque there.)

Oh yeah, well I ordered 5 million balusters from deck barn in just the last 2 days and they were all amazing...
Go stop by some more coffee shops and make some more fake accounts.
Those pics are terrible, this is why it's so critical for people to use well established quality products.
In the past i've trimmed down balusters that needed to be shorter and they always looked a hell of a lot better than that.

I'm in a large metro area, San Jose/San Francisco and I have ordered 0 balusters from any source this summer. In fact I have only built one small deck this year. I've probably had calls for 3 decks all year and my web site is listed #1 in a half a dozen local cities.
I searched for WoodCrafts web site and as far as I can tell, it doesn't exist. How is he doing so so many decks?
The simulus package really must have done some good in Michigan.

Robert, I was thinking the same thing. We trim down the alum pipe on the miter box for stairs and sometimes for a detail band on a fence. Never do they look like that.
I seem to remember,Steve, you giving a count of 22,000 a month or year something like that on a post that got total deleted. These two guys must have made up a big part of your total nut.
Also, Steve, on a Business nature only would you address two issues?
The brutal cuts on the ends of those pipes. Was this a one time mistake,someone got into your plant with a hijack shipment just for fun, they did not come from you ? If in Fact you make those cuts after the finish is on in your American Plant and they most never come out that way. How is it the quality control you have installed in a high grade nature did not catch 200 of them ??
The package the shipment came in that allowed it to be sent in a nature that allowed breakage, dents in the product and a general poor quality system ?
I thank you for your time should you talk about these two things. My referance for comparison is Deck Rail Solutions after 10 years buying from them I am stacking You up to the way they do business. It seems to me the glairing poor quality of the DeckPro's shipment would be even more strange if it was a one time thing.
Thanks !! JonMon

There are over 25 million folks living in Texas. I know many Deck Contractors over there and several Supply outfits. None of the Contractors are using/ selling that much product and Texas is total Money. The Suppliers tell me business is way down.
I agree Mark, that Govt money must be spreading out like a busted load of honey.

You are right John.
I know two deckbuilders in Texas
Bob Fogarty from Dallas and Brian from Houston and both haven't done that much this year. I help them with designs hoping they can get a sale. Wandering how they can do it with so little so long.
I'm fortunate to be in the D.C. area but it is a whole lot harder to get contracts. I always have 6 to 8 weeks of work ahead of me but it doesn't come easy (60-80 hours workweeks)
Luckily I don't have a wife, she wouldn't put up with me LOL

woodcraft design and build reviews...

I'll be the lone REAL voice of support for Steve and say that while those sure looked like crappy in the pix, at least his answer here was professional and respectful.
That counts for something.
And no, to the best of my knowledge all we have installed is Deckorators, De-Kor, Fortress, Tekh, and whatever rebadged balusters come with Trex and GreatRail... I don't know if we ever installed Deck Barn's products...

I would have been very satisfied w. a quality product.

30 bucks more AND satisfaction??where do you get off??

Lemme throw some extra fuel on this now quiet pile of embers...
I had the opportunity to review some of Steve's balusters personally and found them to be in fine shape: no scratched paint, no poor cuts.
I'd say that the ends could be polished a bit more- but we tend to use rail systems where the ends are recessed into the rails, so for us that's a non-issue.
Also, the black paint looks like every other generic black round baluster out there- and I lack the tools to really accurately test the true depth and adhesion of the paint to the aluminum.
So, since I've actually handled some of the balusters (and maybe they were hand-picked, I don't know)... but I wanted to follow-up on the thread with my notes.

oh ho ho! payin off the guys with a post-count now! where's my action? I should get almost twice as much because I have almost twice as many posts.

I actually just went out to our shop where I've got some Deckorators and Great Railing balusters to compare. I've got pictures... but honestly, you'd be hard pressed to guess which one is which.

I haven't figured out yet where my price is... but I assure you, a few balusters isn't it!

^^^^ THIS ^^^

Matt, I am defentley one to try for the best price on almost anything of equal value.
My questions to the Steve went void so mabey it was none of my business. Mabey the man knew who you are as the order was filled no telling.
Still the fact is the order cost the buyer $30 for way sub quality product as well as all the time involved.
I can see why the product costs less if ,as it seems,they make the cuts after the finish. As for me and my outfit the conectors are used for the alum pipe so the cuts show I dont drill holes in the top/bottom rail.The product I use has beveled ends,are packed individually in a very secure package. Never have they sent product out that looked like that after a lot of years ordering.
Is it worth $10 a hundred differance to buy from killer knowing the gamble ??? If added in the apparentley phantom support posts is this a guy you want to do business with ?
Just Saying. J.

In all honesty, if the price is cheaper and you put your posts in holes unlike Mr. Hyatt, then why not?
As long as you know what to expect beforehand it's not a big deal. Though this whole thing reeks of fishiness
Besides my guess is either at deckbarn's or the manufacturer's place they ran out of the size and quickly cut finished ones to fill the order...
I just like giving killer a hard time and I suspect a lot of you are on the same boat, because he is just trying to cover it up and keeps makin' it worse

My guess, too. Funny how he never answered John's question about why the ends looked like that....

Funny how John had to ask the question...
I thought DeckPros was the (only) one here who got the bad product...
Sure got everyone to hating
Have the mod's done an ip lookup to see where the phantom posters came from? That might be revealing
I really hate to see people use the internet to settle their grievances.
I would be willing to bet that a professional phone call could have resolved the issue to all party's satisfaction.

Coffee shops... new IPs are easy, shoot quite often they don't even get the state right depending upon how the coffee shop has the access routed.
I don't have a static IP so if I reset my modem it changes so that's pretty easy.
I also have a sprint overdrive that gives a new IP each time it shuts down, it also thinks I live in texas so it's not hard to get around the IP addy.

There are no phantom posters. Keith owns Woodcrft design and build. He's been in business over 20 years. You can call him @ 734-837-4200

Steve, I'd still like to know how mine came out so badly. It's obvious they were cut after powdercoating. Did you not have the size I needed and just cut down some longer ones? I would have been happy to wait a few days and receive the correct ones that were coated after being cut to size.

Gentlemen, we have reached a delicate area.
There is no way I,or anyone else I am thinking,is going to call that number. Or check out the other support post regarding the number or quality of Steve's Product, how many he sells, how happy or unhappy they are or anything else about them.
In real time a google on dextrusions will bring up our site and our discussion. I offer the idea of completing. Steve is a big boy fully capable of handling damage control with his Business.
Times is Tough. Lets let it go.

Now we are getting somewhere.
We don't sell balusters but we do sell decks and customer service is customer service no matter what line of work you are in.
If we did... I would call the customer personally and explain exactly and honestly what happened, followed with an asap delivery of pristine balusters along with refunded return monies and probably even send them out all 'on the house'. I would then later follow up with another phone call to find out how Deckpro liked our product.

But that is just me.
When I turned 21, I moved to Vegas to be a professional gambler and a somewhat famous guy told me "Just treat people right and the rest will pretty much take care of itself", they even had that printed on a book of matches that he gave to me. It pretty much still works today.

How can times be tough when your selling 1 mil+ pieces a summer to just two of the 350 deck builders in Detroit. I would of said yes we cut them after powder coating to meet your order on time, yes the guy hacked them up but we thought your bottom rail would cover our sloppiness, and I'm sorry here's a $30 refund. That would if been better.
The stuff you sell looks cool though, I'll give it a try.

Just Saying.
Youall do what ya want.

Unaccustomed as I am to seeing the Jon Mon exhibit such sensitivity, I agree.
The report has been made, retorts have been made, and it's all on file. No point in beating it further.
Thread closed.

I ordered over $700 worth of Veka deck rail, brackets, & Deckorator aluminum balusters.  After returning home and beginning assembly, I realized a couple of issues: 1) The sales associate, "Valerie," supplied the incorrect and more expensive 32" balusters for my 36" rail kit.  The correct baluster length is 29."  2) Even though they were sold as 3/4" balusters, about 10% of them wouldn't fit into the pre-drilled holes in the Veka rail.  They were slightly larger than the holes.  

I live quite a distance away so it was more cost effective for me to just cut down the balusters to the proper length with my chop saw.   As for the over-sized balusters, Valerie wouldn't allow us to return them because she said they had some scratches which were imperceptible to me.  Even if there were some minor scratches, wouldn't that be understandable given the fact that I had to take them all out of the shrink wrap to see if they would fit the rail holes? 

She was unreasonable, rude, & unprofessional.  Ditto for another guy I spoke with on the phone when first placing my order.  He was rude, and only managed to speak in grunts.  My conversation with Valerie ended with her telling me to speak with their lawyer then hanging up on me.  All this hassle over a return of about $30 worth of merchandise on a $700+ order.  The place is a joke, steer clear of it!!!!!

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