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Just looking through some of these saw threads got me thinking about a saw I have.
Maybe someone can tell me more about it.
I am thinking it is from the 60's or so. I sort of restored it when I got it - put a few new bearings in it, checked the brushes and tuned it up a little.
These are a couple of pics that I have - sorry it does not show the other side of the saw. Maybe I will take a new one.
This is it in a special sled I built for it the last time I used it.

Can't tell you much about it other than.......THAT'S AWESOME!!

Fine looking beam saw - virtually no wear on the logo plate.
You pay somebody to grind down the diamond arbor?
Heckum, could be circa WWII - they were made a long time.

That is bad ass right there, that would have looked great in the wormdrive thread

SHOOOOOOOOT.......that would look good on my truck!

That's the coolest Skilsaw I've ever laid eyes on!

Can I ask where you got that beast ?

That was part of my "tune up" I was having a hard time finding a 12" blade with the diamond punch out, so I turned it down in my lathe.

Better have plenty of room - this sucker weighs about 30-40lbs
Well, my great grandfather started a coal mine back in the 30's that has stayed in the family more or less since then. I still work there now as an electrician/engineer type. A few years ago we where cleaning out an old warehouse and I came across it. Still in the case with the manual. Even had an old tube of worm drive oil. But it had leaked out over the years and all that was left was an empty, but uncrushed tube.
I am pretty sure it was used to build one of our old wash plants that has long since been torn down. I do however know where the site was. It mush have been used for the framing, as I can see no other use for it around here. This might have been in the 50's
All I know is that it is a good start to my timber framing tool collection.

Does that thing take a true 12" blade? I actually have a line on buying one of those. However, my internet research is saying it actually uses an 11 5/8" blade, which has to be custom made..... Either way, I kinda want the saw, it looks way bad ass and I'd only use it every now and again since I don't cut beams too often. Its also cheap enough that as long as it just need some mild tune ups it'd be worth it to me both as a 3-4 time a year work saw, or as a awesome shop decoration.

I have a Makita 12" table saw blade in it. Only thing is the standard arbor is diamond shaped. I tuned mine down to fit the 1" round arbor in the saw blade.
If I remember right, part of the diamond is less than 1", so if you want a true round arbor, you might have to weld it a little before turning it down.
Or.. just find a blade with the diamond in the center. I gave up pretty quick and went with what was common.

Cool, that'll be my plan then! I wonder if there is an arbor from a newer saw that would set right on that thing? Either way if I pick it up I feel I've got some info now. Theres a place here that does custom saw blades for about $140. Worst case I have one made and just be careful to not nick nails so the blade can be sharpened a few times.

I think any competent machine shop should be able to modify the arbor for a reasonable fee. About 10min max on the welding if needed and maybe that much more for the lathe work.

I can weld any extra metal on myself. I just don't have a lathe, havn't used one since high school shop class. I'm meeting the guy Tuesday after work, looking forward to seeing this beast in person!

I see you've found the WormDrive Thread If I had that I'd start my vintage tool collection with it!

Wooooooooo, I bought it! Powers on/spins up just fine, no weird noises or smells, its honestly in better shape then the pictures I saw ahead of time showed, I think I'll try to polish it a little this weekend. Still has the old metal case too! Can't wait to sort out a blade and cut some stuff! If you ever used one of these daily you'd have Popeye arms for sure.

Let you in on a little hint for around here.............It didn't happen...........WITHOUT PICTURES!!
Post that tool p0rn up boi!

What did he buy What the heck is he talking about I need a quote or something

Found it

I was getting there. Had to take the picture on my phone, get mad because it stunk, take another picture, decide it stunk less, email it to myself, upload and then post it here, so enjoy. I'll take some better pictures with an actual camera this weekend. Thats your everyday 7" speed square for a size comparison. If anyone knows anything about the numbers on the case let me know. I don't know if Skil put them there as an ID, or if they are from some former owner. The serial number on the ID tag is 218145 if someone knows what that means. There are some other things stamped/etched into the case, I need to try and clean it a little so they are readable.

That's pretty sweet! Congrats on the find.
Big Foot might have just taken a back seat to that 12".
But Makita still owns the "mine is bigger than yours" saw I guess. Can't wait to get one of those too.

Yeah those Makitas are right bladed though.... I will freely admit I can barely cut a squiggly line with a right blade saw. I've used worm drives for literally everything my whole life, can't even pick up something else without feeling weird

Well I took my new saw apart, cleaned it as well as I could with brake cleaner and mineral spirits. Checked out the bearings, packed a little bearing grease into them for now. (Acro, do you have part numbers for the bearings/brushes you said you replaced in yours?) Cut some new gaskets, all I gotta do now is fill it with fresh gear oil and get a blade. I will probably pick up 20' of new 10 gauge cord and a weatherproof plug end to replace the original, ungrounded one. It seems to me after some measuring, that with the blade guard installed, a true 12" blade may be to large, but some of those 300mm blades should clear just fine and they are a stock item at specialty tool shops. I think turning the arbor down will be the best bet, I'd much rather use an off the shelf blade of some sort. If all goes well and I can get a blade and arbor modifications done for lets say $150, I will have a bad ass beam saw for a total investment of less than $300! ($120 for the saw, 10-15 for random cleaning supplies/gasket material, I'm thinking maybe $30-40 for the new power lead and $150ish for blade/arbor changes.) Not too shabby!
Heres a picture of it next to my brothers Dewalt wormdrive.

Everything ya need to know right here:
Apparently, bigger ones are slightly more expensive:

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That guy with the custom saws on E-bay has had them listed for years now and no body will buy them. 5K for 2 saws is a joke!

Pretty sure those markings on the case are not from Skil. I have the same case with no markings.

Sorry, I don't. I just took some measurements from the old bearings and seals, and got what I needed.

The guy from Olklahoma who posted on that Lumberjocks thred someone that was linked to here has his saw listed for $2500 :-/. At least the 20" and dado saws are custom. Thanks for the help guys!

How much is it worth can I sell it for 

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