Tapetech Bazooka Repair - Drywall

hey guys nice forums got a bazooka repair question if anyone can help me

The bazooka is only 6 months old and everything seems to run great except its leaving a dry spot starting about 3 inches into the tape and extending for about 2 inches before it starts the mud again. It is exceptionally noticable on angles. I have run multiple bazooka's before now without issue so I don't think its my technique. After replacing the cable and adjusting a few things nothing I do seems to have any effect. my next guess at this point is the chain may be stretched or the axle bearing but I really don't want to dive in there on a guess. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

x2 for me

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Tim0282. Service guys from the builders cover that crap when it happens around here. Everyones too cheap to give proper heating conditions so ...

Hey guys, 1st time posting i'm in the UK been taping for 3 years now and had the Tape tech bazooka since then, i'm having the same problem and i'm wondering if it was ever resolved ? Also what is the bean you guys talk about i've been looking and my automatic taper and can't find anything that fits that description.

Hello I have a tape tech gun I fill it up the cable isn't broken I hear the plunger and feel the plunger go to run it no mud comes out

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